Summer 2016 Issue

President's Message

Lots of Achievements So Far in 2016!

By Carl Backes, DO, FACOP, FAAP
ACOP President

Carl Backes, DO, FACOP, FAAPWOW, WOW, WOW— Best description for our 2016 Spring Conference in Phoenix, April 14-17, 2016!

It was the largest attendance ever for an ACOP stand-alone conference, including a very successful first Allergy & Immunology special session. Here are some of of the highlights:

Another outstanding James M. Watson memorial

Melnick at Large

Pediatric Grammer

By Arnold Melnick, DO, FACOP

Arnold MelnickYou're right; there ain't no such thing. (Yes, ain't IS in the dictionary.) But certain words and phrases seem to occur more frequently - often used incorrectly - in pediatric writing (and speaking).

What mistake is the most egredious one? Failure to observe the rules of agreement: If a pronoun takes the place of an antecedent singular noun, Read More...

Editor's Corner

Work-Life Balance:
The Power and Misnomer of Words

By Robert G. Locke, DO, MPH, FACOP

Robert G. Locke, DO, MPH, FACOPWork-Life Balance – It doesn’t have to be that way.

Words are powerful and can falsely frame a situation, creating a lose-lose situation from what in reality is a “win-win” or at least “better-win-than-most.” For new graduates and residents in training, there is no stronger example of this than “work-life” balance. Automatically juxtaposing

Child Advocacy

What is It?
How Can We Succeed at It?

By Steven Snyder, DO, FACOP

Steve Snyder. DO, FACOPWhat does it mean to advocate? A good place to start is the dictionary. Advocate comes from Latin ad + vocare meaning to call. The root vocare is also from the Latin vox - to speak. So, when we advocate - we speak for children. We argue their causes, promote their interests, champion their needs. Despite taking Latin in high school, I checked the

Tales from Adolescent Medicine

Don't Ignore Bad Behavior

By Jessica Shannon Castonguay, DO, MPH

By Jessica Shannon Castonguay, DO, MPH I grew up in a hockey town, high school hockey that is.  Most kids learn to skate as soon as they can walk there. In high school, I attended every game against our archrival. Then, before medical school, I taught biology and chemistry at that rival school and cheered against my alma mater. Hey, the rival was paying my bills! That said, I have continued to follow high school hockey from my home state regardless of where medicine has taken me.

Pestilence Paragraphs

Zika Update: Zika Virus Will
Land on U.S. Soil This Summe

By Jessica Mondani, DO

Leading experts now predict that the mosquito-borne disease, Zika virus, will arrive in the U.S. this summer and become a constant low-level threat.  We should not think of Zika virus as an epidemic wave that will pass over the world and then vanish, but rather as a permanent problem that will wax and wane, as West Nile virus has.

2016 ACOP Spring Conference

Award Winners!

Phoenix2016 Harold H. Finkel, DO and Arnold Melnick, DO Community Pediatrician of the Year
Career Achievement Award
Poster Awards

Members in Print

Congratulations are in Order!

Kathryn Ziegler, DO, and Robert Locke, DO, MPH.  “Variation in NICU Admission Rates Without Identifiable Cause” in Hospital Pediatrics (Vol 6, Issue 5, May 2016).

Robert Locke, DO, MPH, and colleagues. “Time Series

New Column

Children’s Literature – Recommendations

By Katherine Locke

PULSE is starting a new series with children’s literature book recommendations. These books may be of interest to you, to your patients, or to your students. I recommend books that have been well-received by the American Library Association and when possible, written by authors with a direct connection to the issue at hand. This month, I’m recommending three books with autistic characters though I believe they’d appeal to readers with

New PULSE Feature

Pediatrics Trivia Crossword Puzzle Challenge!

By Neha Mahajan, OMS-III
crosswordPULSE Student Editor

Welcome to the newest fun and educational feature in PULSE. Try your hand at this interactive crossword puzzle to test your knowledge.
Check it out...


New ACOP Members

ACOP is pleased to announce the following new members that will ad strength, expertise and vitality to our college.
ACOP's New Members...

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New Student Editor

PULSE Welcomes Their
First Student Editor

By Robert G. Locke, DO, MPH, FACOP

Neha Mahajan, OMS-IIIThe PULSE welcomes, Neha Mahajan, OMS-III, as our new – and first! – Student Editor. The ACOP is dedicated to creating a home for all osteopathic physicians. We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions. If you wish to submit an article and share your

Student Perspective

Barriers to Injury Reporting
Among Adolescent Athletes

By Guillermo Alfonso, OMS-I
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Carolinas

Michael Rovito, PhD
University of Central Florida

Effective and efficient communication with adolescent patients is an essential skill that pediatric physicians must develop in order to become truly successful in the field. Specifically for young male athletes, injury concealment has implications for both short- and long-term health outcomes. This is one of

Student Perspective

My First Patient Funeral

By Christine Beeson, OM-IV

Christine BeesonMy first patient funeral was for a two-month-old baby boy. He had a severe congenital heart defect that would be fatal if it went untreated, and the surgery required to fix it was also very risky. His parents opted for the surgery, and after a long attempt at recovery post-operatively, he passed peacefully in his

Student Perspective

A Physician’s Role In Child Neglect

By Rhythm Gandhi, OMS-III

Rhythm GandhiThe thought of children being removed from their home is sad, but the reality of child neglect by parents is even worse. It wasn’t until my inpatient pediatric rotation that I realized the importance of a physician’s medical judgment for Department of Children and Families Services’ (DCFS) cases.

Student Perspective

How Can I NOT Afford to Become a Pediatrician?

By Kevin McLendon, OMS-III

Kevin Mclendon, OMS-III, LMU-DCOMThere are many issues facing healthcare today. There are some challenges that are universal across all medical specialty fields, such as the mounting debt of new graduates, the increase in patient flow and the increased expectations placed on physicians. An advisor I had in my undergraduate studies once told me after I

Student Perspective

Finding the “Care” in Healthcare

By Stephanie Prudencio, OMS-I
Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Stephanie Prudencio, OMS-1“Why don’t we read it out loud?” my classmate suggested. She had a good point. The articles we were assigned to read on neuromuscular disorders were dense. At a quick glance, the names of the antibodies, receptors and signaling pathways could arguably pass as a foreign language. Talking through the articles

Student Club News

2016 ACOP Student Club of the Year

Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Carolinas Campus

By Christine Beeson, OMS-IV
and Erin Thornley, OMS-III


Every year the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians honors one of our outstanding student chapters with Student Club of the Year.  This year, the student chapter at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Carolinas Campus (VCOM-CC) was chosen for this award. Over the 2015-2016 academic school

Student Club News

Des Moines University Pediatrics Club Update

By Michelle Brenner, OMS-I
Des Moines University, Pediatrics Club President

DMU Pediatrics Club has kept busy this semester and is thrilled to become a student chapter of ACOP in 2016. Spring semester has been busy here in Iowa. This year with help of our advisor, Dr. Michael Metts, we began Pediatric Grand Rounds on campus monthly over the lunch hour. We’ve discussed various topics

From the ACOP National Liaison

VCOM-Auburn Updates

By Tamer Abuaita, OMS-I

ACOP Student Club at VCOM-Auburn has been quite active during the last few months! Although our organization was recently established in November of 2015, the city of Auburn has been so welcoming of our presence throughout the community. Here are a few events to highlight someone of our activities.

From the ACOP Student Trustees

Student Clubs Updates

By Erin Thornley, OMS-III
and Christine Beeson, OMS-IV
ACOP Student Trustees

Part of our job as Student Trustees is to bridge the gap between student members of ACOP and the Board of Trustees. We also work to connect the student chapters of ACOP together via social media and during our conference meetings in order to exchange ideas, improve our individual clubs and make larger differences in

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