Fall 2016 Issue

President's Message

Unrest and Hope

By Carl Backes, DO, FACOP, FAAP
ACOP President

Carl Backes, DO, FACOP, FAAP The last six months of 2016. This is a tumultuous time in politics, sports, world issues, and medicine, but I hope to share important words and hopeful answers.
In a few short months, we will have a new President. I cannot remember an election with


Melnick at Large

Sexual Assault and Anticipatory Guidance

By Arnold Melnick, DO, FACOP

Arnold MelnickAre we doing enough? All pediatricians are familiar with Anticipatory Guidance, essentially effective guidelines promulgated by the AAP and in government publications. And I think that, like me, most of us think of this important subject only in relation to infants and young children.

Editor's Corner

Fatal Abusive Head Trauma in Children

By Robert G. Locke, DO, MPH, FACOP

Robert G. Locke, DO, MPH, FACOPAbusive head trauma is the cause of death in one third of child abuse fatalities. Fortunately, fewer children are dying from abuse inflicted head injuries such as violent shaking or blunt trauma. For the decade between 1999-2009, there was no meaningful decrease. Since 2009, there has been a 51% decrease. There is

Editor's Corner

FluMist (non-injectable live attenuated influenza vaccine): High Quality Science and Don’t Bet Against Its Future

By Robert G. Locke, DO, MPH, FACOP

Time Line:
2007: NEJM Publication:  55% greater efficacy with FluMist compared to injectable vaccine in children.
2013: CDC recommended FluMist as one option for children greater than two years of age.
2014: CDC preferential recommendation for FluMist to injectable

Tales from Adolescent Medicine

I Had a Day

By Jessica Shannon Castonguay, DO, MPH

By Jessica Shannon Castonguay, DO, MPH A few weeks ago, I had a day

I saw a frequent visitor to my office.  I felt she warranted admission for worsening dehydration, acute kidney injury, and electrolyte derangement since her previous visit. This adult patient declined admission despite my recommendations otherwise. She believed none of

Pestilence Paragraphs

New Recommendations for the Use of LAIV for 2016-2017 Influenza Season

By Jessica Mondani, DO

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has made new recommendations for this year’s seasonal influenza vaccine. The ACIP has made a statement indicating that the live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) or nasal spray flu vaccine should not be given during the 2016-2017 flu season. This decision was based on vaccine effectiveness studies from 2013-2016 showing that there was a poor or relatively lower

New Column

Children’s Literature – Recommendations

By Katherine Locke

Children often have active imaginations, as any parent will be quick to tell you. And in some cases, active imaginations, imaginary friends, or imaginary worlds can serve a purpose, such as helping a child learn to cope with real life trauma or events. Creating a sense of distance, or empowering themselves through imaginary places, can be one way that children try to make sense of a confusing or frightening world around them. We see this reflected often in literature. The children in The Chronicles of Narnia were displaced because of war, and went through a

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Student Perspective

Labeling Asperger's

By Anna Augustin, OMS-III , LECOM-Bradenton

Anna AugustinAs I stared at the patient intake form, the many diagnoses screamed out at me: ADHD, Asperger’s, ODD, conduct disorder. Twenty-odd drugs tried and failed, Baker acts and inpatient hospitalizations. From these words, a troubling image of a hardened 17-year-old grew in my mind. This was going to be a tough case.

Student Perspective

Between Sickness and Health

By Stephanie Be, DO, MPH, PGYI Pediatrics Resident
Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, New York

"I know exactly what this patient needs, but I am not the person to provide it for him.” More than once in my short time as a pediatrics resident, I have had to come to terms with the fact that I cannot be and do everything for every patient. I have had to remind myself of this when I’ve had a patient with an unstable home situation, but one that doesn’t warrant intervention by child protective

Student Perspective

A Total Misconception

By Anjeli Raheja, OMS-IV, Nova Southeastern University

Rhythm GandhiBefore my rotation, the only exposure I had to pediatric cancers is what I had seen in the media. I thought of beds of sick children, getting poison pumped into their bodies, or rows of hairless infants wrapped up in blankets shivering. When I found out that my first rotation of my fourth year of medical school was going to be in pediatric hematology and oncology, I wanted

Student Tips

Top Ten Tips for Fourth Year Students While on Auditions

Neha MahajanBy Neha Mahajan, OMS-III
PULSE Student Editor

The recommendations below have been collected from current residents.

1. When you do not know the answer to a question, offer to look up the answer instead of saying “I do not know.”
2. When asked whether you have any questions, try your best


New PULSE Feature

Pediatrics Trivia Crossword Puzzle Challenge!

By Neha Mahajan, OMS-III
crosswordPULSE Student Editor

Challenge yourself with this fun and educational feature in PULSE. Try your hand at this interactive crossword puzzle to test your knowledge.
Check it out...

News and Updates

Federal and State Laws: Pregnancy, Nursing and Breastfeeding Accomodations in the Workplace

The 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act amended Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions constitute sex discrimination under Title VII. As a federal law this supersedes state laws. State law

2016 ACOP Pediatric Track

Make Plans for the ACOP Pediatric Track at OMED 2016

2016 ACOP Pediatric TrackThe American College of Osteopathic Pediatric Track at OMED 2016 will take place this year in beautiful Anaheim, California on September 17-20. The theme of this year’s conference is Screening. The CME committee has lined up an amazing group of speakers who will cover a wide ranging list of topics, all central to the theme of Screening. The topics include: updates in pediatric ultrasound, screening for and the effects of


New ACOP Members

ACOP is pleased to announce the following new members that will add strength, expertise and vitality to our college.
ACOP's New Members...

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ACOP Pediatric Track at OMED 2016


ACOP Pediatric Track
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