Promoting Positive Pediatric Programs

Alexander M, Buckelew A
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine: Auburn Campus, Auburn, Alabama, United states of america

The Student Chapter of ACOP at VCOM-Auburn Campus is the most active organization on campus, participating in many events for community service, student education, and outreach. The organization participated and organized many events this year, one of the most important has been our Nourish Alabama basket delivery. Delivering to two families weekly baskets full of fruit, vegetables, cooking supplies and even school supplies, to local families that are in need. ACOP-AC has also been heavily involved in organizing and coordinating volunteers for a benefit race to raise awareness and funding for a local dyslexia program in town.

Our organization teamed up with other clubs such as Internal Medicine Club to hold a student kickball tournament. The event was used to raise money for an organization that provides free mammograms for medically underserved women across multiple counties in Alabama. VCOM-AC takes pride in being active in the community and on campus, our organizations attempt to work together to make sure that there are ample opportunities to volunteer at or participate in. We strive to combine events to ensure that as many students can be involved as possible.

Our chapter has ongoing community service activities with multiple city events throughout the year. One of those being a program called Awesome Goals Soccer another, Miracle League Baseball. VCOM students aided physical or mentally handicapped children to play soccer and baseball, along with helping set up and take down each week. Many of our students assist children to play these two sports that traditionally, they would not be able to play. ACOP was also asked to help run a local children’s triathlon in Opelika, AL. We sent volunteers to help with anything from set up, take down, timing events, to standing on the sidelines and cheering the kids along. These amazing experiences for our organization to see the dedication and hard work that such young athletes are willing to put in, it was truly inspiring.

ACOP-AC has also been well represented in our quarterly student medical mission trips to Dominican Republic and El Salvador. During those mission trips, young children that attended the clinic were given small goodie bags of donated goods. Students were able to utilize this time to practice their pediatric physical exam skills, an experience that many second-year medical students don’t have the opportunity to do.

Our club has also shown a focus on student body and community education. We have hosted multiple speakers on many pediatric topics from a focused pediatric physical exam lecture to our chair, Dr. Rain Anglin, meeting with local third years to give advice on their upcoming residency search. VCOM and ACOP-AC partnered up to host a Discover MedCamp for high school students to attend and see what medical school is like. They witnessed students and faculty perform OMM techniques, use the anatomy lab bone boxes, and participated in manikin simulations.

Looking back at this year, ACOP at VCOM-Auburn Campus has been incredibly fortunate to have experienced so many opportunities, wonderful people, and an amazing community. Best of all, we were able to spend the year touching the lives of children and furthering our passion to serve the pediatric population.