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The CME committee would like to warmly welcome you to beautiful San Diego! The ACOP Pediatric Track conference at OMED 2012 will provide great speakers and topics for your learning experience and enjoyment. The topics include updates on immunizations, what is just around the corner and peeks at unusual infectious diseases as well as visiting with some of our common infections masquerading as less common infectious processes. On top of all that, we will revisit old infectious friends from our past now presenting themselves again across America.

The week will begin on Sunday, appropriately, with our perinatal/neonatal section with lectures aimed at providing updates on prevention of prematurity and the overall theme of prevention of long-term sequelae in the neonate.

As we all face the potential need to review for certification exams, there will be two mini-review sessions for those of us in need. We all face hard situations with patients and their families; we have a pair of helpful lectures on moral distress and cultural awareness. For those who desire interactive learning, you will not be disappointed. There will be an exciting Sim Wars session featuring the simulation equipment and staff from the San Diego Naval Hospital. We will also continue to provide updated information on the changes just ahead for re-certification requirements (Osteopathic Continuous Certification) which will in some form affect most of us.

We will wrap up the week with a day of head scratching as there will be an allergy section to ponder and a lecture on contact dermatitis. In addition to all of this, a sports medicine section on recognition of growth plate injuries and a lecture on prevention of sports related injury.

The CME committee proudly invites students and student chapters to attend and become acquainted with their future comrades, plus hopefully take home some updated information to amaze their faculty and fellow students.

There is something for everyone, including the beautiful San Diego weather and beaches. Plan to join your Osteopathic Pediatric colleagues for a great time in California.

Richard Magie, DO, FACOP - Program Chair
Margaret Orcutt-Tuddenham, DO, FACOP - Program Co-Chair
Marta Diaz-Pupek, DO, FACOP, FAAP - CME Committee Co-Chair
Ed Spitzmiller, DO, FACOP - CME Committee Co-Chair