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The CME committee has lined up an amazing group of distinguished speakers, some of whom you know and others that we hope you will enjoy getting to know. The acclaimed Dr. Basil Zitelli (famous for the Atlas of Pediatric Physical Diagnosis that so many of us use as a reference, as well as his work in the Diagnostic Referral Service at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh) will be kicking off the conference with an interactive presentation on Visual Diagnosis. Immediately following Dr. Basil will be Dr. Charles Bluestone, who is world-renowned in cutting-edge research that has influenced the diagnosis and treatment of otitis media.

We need not look too far to find more notorious speakers. The next morning, ACOP’s own Dr. James Foy will be giving a fantastic talk on Pertussis Prevention. Our Watson Memorial Lecture will be given by the illustrious AOA President, Dr. Karen Nichols. Another outstanding ACOP member will be putting together an Allergy Workshop with the help of his Allergy/Immunology fellows. Dr. Bob Hostoffer and fellows will be talking to us about Pediatric Allergy, Allergy Testing, Anaphylaxis and providing an Allergy Scratch Test Workshop for the attendees of the conference.

Aside from all of these big name speakers, we also have very high quality talks on a wide range of topics, including the Transition of Special Need Pediatric Patients to Adult Medicine, Metabolic Bone Disease, the Benefits and Costs of Organic Food, Common Orthopedic Complaints seen in the office followed by an OMM Workshop to address the discussed issues, similarly updated Pediatric Pulmonology Concerns followed by an OMM workshop, and much more.

As always, the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians is committed to teach, inspire and train both students and residents with the Conduit for Success. We have specific lectures for both students and residents. All conference attendees are welcome to attend these lectures.

We are not all business. For everyone’s enjoyment, there is a Boot Camp on Saturday morning and a Cocktail Hour in the afternoon. We look forward to seeing you in historic Pittsburgh, PA and hope that you have a magnificent time expanding your pediatric repertoire and engaging in meaningful discussions with your colleagues.

Tami Hendriksz, DO, FACOP, FAAPProgram Chair
Neil S. Levy, DO, MBA, FACOPDirector of CME Programs